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. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the road to new orleans is still open for the ravens. the team will fly to denver later today where they will play the broncos on saturday. pete gilbert has more on the mood in the mile high city. >> we have made our way here to denver. the town is live up in orange. this tower is lit up in orange. i think i've seen two jerseys so far. it is not like what we see in baltimore. the broncos have won 13 games and they have a home field advantage. peyton manning has never won a playoff game with the temperature was under 40 degrees. i spoke with some ravens fans coming over on the plane. they are getting ready for the festivities. we will have live coverage beginning at 5:00 to get you ready for the ravens and the broncos on tv 11. i'm pete gilbert. we will send it back to you. >> thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do think is the key to a ravens win in denver tomorrow? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to you can watch our special " ravens report"
ride at the bay bridge. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the baltimore ravens will board a plane bound for denver. >> pete gilbert is already at the mile high city and scouts out the territory for us. >> we have made our way here to denver. the town is lit up in orange. their slogan is united in orange. this tower behind me is lit up in orange. i was a little disappointed. i think i've seen two jerseys so far. it is not like what we see in baltimore. they are very confident. the broncos have won 13 games and they have a home-field advantage. we would like to remind them. peyton manning has never won a playoff game where the temperature was under 40 degrees. something to think about. i spoke with some ravens fans coming over on the plane. they are getting ready for the festivities. we are looking forward to catching up with them. we will have live coverage beginning at 5:00 to get you ready for the ravens and the broncos on tv 11. i'm pete gilbert. we will send it back to you. >> thank you. plenty of purple pride on display. >> jennifer franciotti joins us live from white
, .../ the... rest of the ravens crew.... fired up for thh game. game. & 3 purpleepride... was... radiating...ttday.. p during a... &p"bbsh the broncos" rally... -3&pat... m&t bank in white mmrsh...//. fans... were ...joined by the ravens cheerleadees... and the mascot... to 3& post season run. 3 "iq: m&t bank staddum ii one of the hardest places.. oq: -3 all he way to thee uperbowl -33 this yeaa." 3 there was also tons of free & ravens gear... and raffle of 3&ppsssoon as the ggme against the colts as over on - ssnday... the ravens sst heir siihts on the broncos. bronccs.buu at least one plaaer on indianapolis woo't let baltimore ove on that easily. easiiy.spprtssdirector bruce cunningham joins us with the harsh words the colts star receevvr had for the heart and soul of the ravens... brucee?-& 3 it was one of the signatuuee &pmomentssii a day filled withh them...ray lewis coming ouu the playoff win over the colts...and that didn't sit - well with at leasttone of - them... 3 ray b
teacher brings the ravens to life on canvas and brings new life into her school. . >> we begin with a developing story, four people hit by a car, all of them flown to shock trauma. police say they were found nigh the entrance ravrp to route one hundred east. thedriver stayed at the scene. thevictims include two 16-year olds a 20-year old and a 19- year old. we're going to have the ratest on this story overnight, on abc2 news and on good morning maryland. >> we want the update you on an important story broken by abc2 news investigators last year. school bus driver running through red lights through the city. christian schaefer is here now. >> as you saw there, because of the city's red light camera system, many of those violations were caught on camera. the thestory prompted city council to step in a new law aimed at cracking down an bus driver who red lights took action tonight. >> school buses in baltimore city were running red lights. >> it scared me to death for all of those. who's in a yellow school bus? the littlest elementary school children, special needs children, t
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in the mile high city. >> reporter: good morning. ravens fans made their trek here. marty spent 25 years in baltimore and lives out here in denver now. exe explains the spags -- he explains the passion between the two cities. >> denver is intense the state capitol is lit up in orange. people are walking around in jerseys broncos are a big deal. >> we are here for you. >> found out when we landed we had the e-mail. >> reporter: is this great. >> i am so excited. >> go ray lewis. >> we got our jerseys. >> and we will represent. >> we will be obnoxious fans and wearing purple. >> reporter: and ravens fans will continue to flock into denver today. and later this afternoon, the ravens will arrive. here in denver, jamie costello, good morning maryland. >>> a group from baltimore is getting ready to head there. and they will be excited with the trip. people from b more around town are out in hanover having breakfast with linda so and donuts and linda, you guys are dancing. >> reporter: weil we are at haney's-- we are at haney's corner deli. they are having a mini pep rally free donuts for anyon
about the patients. >>> first we are excited for the ravens to take the field on saturday. the team hasn't left for denver yet but jamie has left and now he is in enemy territory. he joins us tonight. do i see snow on the field behind you? >> reporter: that's not a prop. that's snow. there is more coming for saturday. it'll be about 18 degrees. right now it's 41 but they are lying, it's 21. we are live in mile high stadium. we landed here 90 minutes ago. where are the ravens fans? say hello to nikki, nikki runs the baltimore ravens. >> in colorado. >> reporter: that is great. and -- you were raised in baltimore and you still have a home there. >> we do. we catch our home in federal hill to go back for most of the home game. >> >> reporter: where did you -- what brought you? >> grad school. >> reporter: you went to notre dame. >> yes i went to college notre dame. go gators. are and came out here for work. >> yes. from houston. >> reporter: very nice and you are still employed. >> yes. >> reporter: and smart because are you a ravens fan. >> of course. >> reporter: great. craig com
now, good morning maryland. >> destination denver on this purple friday. we are live with ravens faithful getting ready to head to the mile high city. >> speeding and running red lights are not things you want happening on your child's school bus. we will tell you about our investigation and how after that story aired changes are being made. >> will we or won't we get new speed cameras in charm city is in the debate continues after several cameras malfunctioned. find out what the mayor's office is saying on this friday january 11th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. not just any friday but a playoff purple friday. >> very important. ravens on their way to denver but those of us here in baltimore will be treated to great weather. >> we like 66 or 67 over the weekend. towards the west, it's going to be 20 degrees. kind of wild. look at temperatures across- town. 44 in paul, themore city. 38 -- in baltimore city. 38 in annapolis. it's on the chilly side a lot of cloud. showers develop after the lunchtime hour and it could be a steady rain into the evening com
>> live pictures of bird ready to head west. the ravens heading into bronco territory. we will talk about some of the fans making that trip with them. >> want to get healthy? start dancing. you can dance like ray lewis. doesn't matter whether it's ballet or swing there are great dances and we will tell you what they are on this friday morning. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. we begin with a check of your traffic. an didn't we need to talk about. here's lauren cook. >> yes. there is a very serious crash this morning in carroll county. we have learned two people have been flown to shock trauma with life-threatening injuries and route 97 is closed between old liberty road and bars lo road closed throughout the morning road. so stick with route 32 or route 27 as your alternate routes. we have trouble on 95 downtown. there's a crash right northboun dundalk avenue. it's not causing any significant delays as of yet and if you are heading out on 83, or tallly -- actually 695, as we look in parkville, everything is up to speed. no problems on the inner loop
here. much more on all that ravens excitement coming straight up. >> as the show has gone on on this purple friday a playoff purple friday crowds are bigger in hanover and now kids are out. >> i know. it's a good morning out there. more donuts they eat the more fun they have right? >> what's the chances of us getting donuts back here. >> slim to none and slim left the house. >> we will have to run down there. here's what's going on. it's not bad out there. 35 at the airport. 38 in annapolis. 44 in town. where woo we in comparison to yesterday? 4 -- were we in comparison to yesterday morning? 40 degrees. our washington, d.c. network radar and maryland's most powerful radar is showing scattered showers down to the south. they stay to the south for a good duration of the morning. but after the lunchtime hour a few showers. 9:00, 38, 43 around lunchtime. but the deal is a lot of clouds and showers will be in the forecast around the 4:00 hour and going into 7:00 cloudy skies and temperatures staying mild and just know we could see a little fog develop after the midnight hour. w
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. >> game on. it's time to throw on your purple ahead of tomorrow he's playoff game. how ravens fans are getting into the spirit and now it's time for destination denver. >> when your child gets on the bus you want to know the driver is safe behind the wheel. our investigative report got the city to step in. >> coming up this morning, new numbers out due today from the flu outbreak and cdc find out how it is spreading and what's being done to keep you and your family safe all ahead on this friday. >> i am megan pringle alongside charley crowson a lot to talk about today of course. we are going to mention a little football game that's happening tomorrow. for those of you heading to denver you want to know about the weather. but for those heading out the doors let's start there mike. >> what's going on? >> it's pretty chilly. 35 degrees. calm wind at around 7:26. 44 in baltimore city. outside the beltway into the 30s. fred list 38. the weather headlines -- frederick is 38. the weather headlines, it turns foggy tonight and turns into a mild ride through the weekend. temperatures into th
-tv 11 news. >> it is destination denver for the baltimore ravens as they prepare for the playoffs saturday afternoon. it will be a cold one. steve gilbert will travel the road to colorado. >> i have to go home tonight and get ready. they say might hit 20 degrees on saturday. it is going to be chile indeed. no arguing the size of the challenge to face the broncos. -- it is going to be chilly indeed. it is the task they face. they do not have a choice in regards to it. the music blaring at of noxious levels. one thing for which they cannot prepare is the elevation change. the thin air of denver that no one else in the league can match. the broncos also run a fast- paced offense. ravens defensive coordinator says yes. >> i have never really bought into the altitude thing to be honest with you. maybe it is because i had a professor in college who says when these guys sit on the masksines and put oxygen - on, it is placebo. there is nothing. unless you are really at an altitude of climbing a mountain and your way up there, it really is more in your head than anything else. that is wha
that hopefully will keep the ravens on the road to new orleans. our own gerry sandusky will call the game in colorado. >> you understand why the ravens and of come across -- have come across as undercoat -- underdog's. denver is coming off a by week. make no mistake. denver trounced the ravens in december. but now bernard pierce has added a new element to the ground game. ray lewis has returned to the defense. the ravens look like underdogs, but they do not sound overwhelmed. and joe flacco will likely play better this week then in week 15. he learned from that nightmarish experience. saturday could have a different outcome the most of the country expects. >> defense played very well against these guys. we have to go do our thing. i think just as always, our goal is to score touchdowns. you know, obviously, they can score at a pretty high rate. we have to let our defense do their job. they are going to play the game they always play. >> pretty good chance the first team to reach 30 points in this game wins. the ravens have a 5-0 record when they score 30 or more points. the broncos have a
/7. call 1-800-progressive. >> the anticipation continues to build as the ravens prepared to move one step closer to new orleans. >> they are getting ready for some bone chilling temperatures in denver as the team takes on paid manning and the broncos. skeet -- stevpete gilbert joins us now. >> that is certainly the end goal. have to get through the top seat overall, the denver broncos' first. they're the no. 1 seed overall. they have won 11 in a row. they're a very good team, but when you compare the amount of playoff experience, the refunavs have so much more. >> the line makes sense. the ravens should be a nine point underdog. just four weeks ago denver trounced the ravens in baltimore. they had peyton manning. >> they already have denver and new england often for the championship game. that is fine. everyone will put money on that. i think i saw on the tv we were - 9. what ever. that is fine. you did not win games with the media or on paper. >> i am sure they feel the same way. i would not pay too much attention to that and what other people are saying. we're just focusing on ourselves
season is here. >> and support for the ravens. >> i had, a moose on the loose. a close encounter for one skier. >> also warm air moving this way. the forecast is coming up. >> new rules on mortgages were announced today. officials say the ability to repay rule will help save the map -- the housing market. they want banks to offer only mortgages consumers can't afford to pay back. it is designed to prevent a repeat of the housing crisis. >> in america, they are counting on you to make sure that credit is provided on the terms that are clear, fair, and affordable. >> those new rules go into effect january of next year. for more information, visit our website, ,> and tonight medical's alert there is an uptick in flu patients this year. urgent clear clinics are dealing with sick people going through their doors. facilities in maryland are saying that they are seeing twice as many flu patients this time than last year. there is a wild flu spread outbreaks. this flu strain is becoming a big problem. >> relative to last year, the flu season started earlier. it seems to be aching ear
. >> the ravens may be gearing up for saturday's showdown against the broncos. fans are ready to go. purple pride was taking over nottingham square for two hours of rallies and raffles. >> it will finish the season out and they will get the ring. >> we're behind them 100%. >> poe the mascot was there along with ravens cheerleaders, having their pictures taken with fans. join us for the ravens report. you'll have a behind-the-scenes report and ray lewis is miked up for the wild-card game. >> he is riding a bike these days. >> i sold my truck and turned in my tags. no more driving. critique could not afford the auto insurance premium -- he could not afford the auto insurance premium. the lawsuit that alleges some drivers are charged too much. >> mild rex the maryland insurance fund provides insurance for marylanders with poor driving records and cannot get insurance in the private market. >> are they being overcharged? that is an allegation in a class-action lawsuit. lisa robinson has the story. >> he works from recording books on tape. it is easier on him since he chose to get off the road. >> i s
's... game on... / colts-ravens ... at... m&t bank...//. it's... become... áfará more... han... jjst a... game../ because... of... thee... llyers... and layers... of... ddama filled... storylines....///.morgan... adsit... jjons uss.. with... a preview...//, morgan. there's the posssble eed f ray lewis' career...ravvns team....and the return of - chuck pagano to the city...and game of football after a bbttle wiih cancer. cancer.not o be insensitive about thoss stories...or the pte ravens areeover it.this iss tomorrow.the stories have been told.the ravens say it's timee to set that all assde... bb professionals... and play the game they're paii to playy why joe flacco saas a playoff run is now or never....nd the otherra-f-ccwildccad gamm... bengals at texans.laterrinn sports unlimited. juss... in... time... for tomorrows fans... are... showinn off... all... their... pprple pride.. a... looo at this../.. eeen... the dogs... wish... they were &prrvens.../// here''.. cristina,... ... and... gracie...///. not.
,. >> mike: broncos and ravens got together for a football game and it turned into a track meet. it went to double-overtime. we have >> ama: more cold weather is moving in. at it expected to get even colder tonight and tomorrow. cornell bernard is life in petaluma with how people in the north bay are coping. where are your gloved? reporter: you know what? i left them at home. i left them at home. and i should not have because petaluma is literally freezing tonight. or will be here in a few hours. petaluma getting ready for the coldest weekend of the year. jack frost is definitely in town tonight, and the cold blast of air, sure to get the attention of lots of people. this morning the frost was on the pumpkin, and lots of windshields, too. after a cold night and a deep freeze. tonight, even colder. and many people walking down petaluma boulevard were bundled up today for a cold snap tonight. many restaurants are expecting a light crowd, and tonight it's just too cold for lots of people to come out. that's why they expect very few customers. one visitor from ireland thought california was
something else going on besides football and the ravens and broncos played in an instant playoff classic. we're next. . >>> well, the early game seen here on cbs 5 was really good disclaim. >> it went on and on like the energizer bunny. in fact, went so long our fifth quarter post game show was pre- empted. it was great. two hall of famers on both sides of the ball. peyton manning hoping to lead denver to a win. manning trying to stay warm in denver. not a low-scoring game like many expected. 21-21 at half time. fans who took a bathroom break did not even have a chance to settle into their seats, when trindon holliday returned his second special teams touchdown of the game, this for 104 yards and the broncos back up on top by 7. fast forward to the fourth. ravens down by 7. 3rd down, flacco, bomb's away for jacoby jones behind the quarterback, and the safety raheem morris, 70-yard touchdown to tie the game. and we go to overtime. one minute in ot, nobody's scored yet. manning, chase, throws, across his body, ticked off, his second of the day. over
is here tonight to break it all down and tell us how the cold could help the ravens. >>> and a former nfl player suddenly took his own life. now what studies on his brain are revealing about the death of junior seau. . >>> pap smears have always been recommended for women's health but a new study found they could be life saving. researchers say the pap smear that has been used to detect cancer can help find ovarian cancer as well. it's very hard to detect. sciencists say that more research is needed. >>> there is also a new option for breast cancer patients. a new surgery lets some women have a masectomy and reconstruction all in one. this eliminates the shock of a reduced breast size after operation. >> it's less traumatic. you wake up and you are still -- you still have breasts. >> the one step surgery using special imaging to help determine appropriate implant size and patient who have received it have been back to work in as early as six weeks. patients who opt for this surgery tend to have a faster recovery physically and emotionly. >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. 50
through canada. as we have been saying all week, the ravens will be playing in a dramatically different air mass then we will be watching in on the eastern side of the country. the breeze will occasionally be up to 10 miles per hour. there is a piece of the arctic air moving down the mountains on saturday. warmth along the eastern seaboard. that makes its way east throughout the day tomorrow. wednesday, thursday, that will be pushing into the mid atlantic. it will be colder, but not until a week from today. scattered showers, increasing into tomorrow night. winds are averaging 5 to 10 knots. western maryland, this is crazy for january. it will be warm into sunday and monday. hold on the. if you like the snow in the mountains, it will get snowy next week. it is a good 60 degrees saturday, sunday. scattered showers, only a 30% chance tomorrow evening. that should clear up a little bit with highs well above normal. the seven-day forecast includes highs in the 60's. starts the clock though as we head toward the middle of next week. the frog goes through on wednesday, and thursday, high temp
bale of hay. >> 6:20. a question the ravens will have to answer if they want their road to new orleans to continue. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. [ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. ♪ time to jump in to something new ♪ ♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ is folgers in your cup to make peanut butter so deliciously creamy. ♪ it can even be a game changer. that's why choosy moms and dads choose jif. >> now insta-weather plus and traffic pulse 11 together. >> good morning. we have a new problem at pulaski highway. there is a car fire. northbound 83 remains closed between belfast road and mount carmel. only the shoulder is squeezing buying. everything moving well southbound. a problem in ellicott city. 99 is closed because of a downed pole. 795 in great shape at this hour. the rest of the major roadways looking good including 50. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. off the dayrting with some clouds. 39 at the airport. 47 in do
between the ravens and the broncos. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios >> ray lewis is going to finish this season and get his ring. >> i want to let them know we're behind them 100 %. >> there was a stop been white marsh. dozens of fans showed their purple pride. get ready for some sticker shock. >> a round-trip ticket on southwest will cost you a little more than $800 a person. there are still more than 4000 tickets available on stubhub. if you want to be close to the field, seats can cost up to $1,000. you can watch a special "ravens report." it will have ray lewis' speeches. it will be tomorrow night at 7:30. old.t is going to be ca 5:26. >> hundred of students without a place to learn after their trade school suddenly closes. >> more shakeups to the president's cabinet. who is in and who is out. >> the air gets thinner at the higher you go up. he might pass out. we are watching a few clouds this morning. >> kind of a busy start
at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. baltimore celebrates another purple friday the ravens will board a plane to denver. looks like fans are ramp up and ready to go. >> are you already, are you already? these fans are ready. the cheerleaders just came in. you can see how many fans are here. are you ready for the game? >> yes! >> are we going to win? >> i hope so. >> ok, let me find out from my buddies here did what we going to do tomorrow? >> win! >> are we going to whoop 'em? >> yeah. >> here are some of the younger guys. >> who is your favorite player? ray rice? >> go ray rice. >> once again, fans are here, they are excited, ready for some football. i am going to step out of way so you can see how many people here. if you can see all the people lined up by the salad bar, vegetable ar bar. fans are ready and the ravens are on their way 7 soon. >> that is a lot of energy there. wbal-tv 11 will be in mile high city for the game. pete gilbert is already there and he filed this report on his first night in broncos country. >> we have made our way to denver, and the town live u
of washington died at the scene. >>> one more day in charm city before the ravens head out to the mile-high city. tomorrow, the ravens leave for denver. they're going to be traveling out west 24 hours before the game to give to players time to -- the players time to adjust to the altitude change but the team is not worried about the weather in denver. number 52 says -- >> it's not life or death man. just going out there playing in a different climate you know what whatever it is. whether they think they're acclimated to it opt. and the coach didn't make an issue we're not going to make it an issue. >> got the keep it simple. one of the last times we see ray lewis suit up. the star linebacker is retiring at the end of the yore. >>> if you want to join the ravens out west you still have time to buy travel packages and west. the group be more round town is organizing a trip to denver and you have until noon today to purchase the packages for that. that includes tickets, hotel rooms and airfare. the fans are leaving tomorrow and we are going to see them off. so we are going to be live here on "good
sports unnimited... 3 whehn the ravens 3 whehn the ravens lost to the denver broncos, it was probably tte lowestppint to their was the last pf a 33game decembee losing streak, and was laaeddwitha lot of ackups in kky case this saturday.. 3 missing five starters in the & first game.,ray lewis, -3 terrell suggs, bernard pollard - and dannell ellerbe were all missingfrom the defense, and - marshall yanda miss the game without them, the ravens were slightly better than average...with them, they'rea - strong playoff cooteeder... there's a very big difference...and peytoo manning sounds ike he understands that.. 3 and therees more... 3 ray is apparently responsible for a windfall to nfl prrperties...,,ince announcing his retirement last week, ray's familiar 5 has beeomm the top sellinggjersey...a riseeof abbut 2,000 per cent.. in fract, the populartiy of ray'' ersey has caused sale of all ravensgear to rise 8 &ppercent in the last 2 weeks.. by thh way, the player ray -3 lewis surpassed to rfeach number one:you guessed it, peyton manning. 3
game. on the afc side, ravens and broncos. ravens down seven, joe flacco has jones who pulls it down and the touchdown turns the game into a 35-35 tie. so we go to overtime. second and 6, manning rolling right. cory graham gets his second interception of the afternoon. and the ravens have good field position. that leads to this. justin tucker from 47 out. hits the field goal and the ravens win 38-35. ray lewis gets to play another day. >>> the nhl schedule finally came out just hours ago. san jose and the sharks open up in canada january 20 against the flames. their home opener is against phoenix four days later. and in the 48-game sprint ends on saturday, april 27. the 49ers will not old any media sessions tomorrow. so come out to sharks ice if you're looking for something to do. that's at 1:30 on the north rink in san jose. diane, are you working? can we see you out there? >> i can speak over there before i start work. i'll see you there. we'll be right back. as a mom, you spend a lot of time helping others. hamburger helper can help you back. and with box tops for education on eve
lewis taking the field, his last home game as a raven. they face off the colts in baltimore. fourth quarter, ravens are up by eight. joe flacco throws one up for anquan boldin. good coverage from the colts. ravens go on to win the game, 24-9, we got our matchup set for the divisional round afc. those ravens against those top-seeded broncos in denver. the texans who beat the bengals in saturday's game will travel to foxborough to take on the task of beating the patriots there. green bay heads out west to face the 49ers and the red-hot seahawks go down south to face the very tough falcons. >>> tonight, college football. the crown for the national championship will be bestowed on one of two teams, notre dame or the second-ranked alabama tide in the bc sshs national champiop game at 8:30. vegas odds maker, 9.5 favorite over the undefeat ed irish. the tide, of course, would extend the s.e.c. streak of consecutive bcs championship wins to seven, count em seven. >>> coming up at top of the hour -- how will president obama's pick for secretary of defense go over? chuck hagel whether he's a
for saturday. wecaught the heart of baltimore all draped up in purple and showing pride for the ravens. the ravens are off to peyton's new place in denver. they haveto face the cold and the snow and the altitude of the mile high city. i want you to listen to dean piece who was paying attention one day in college when his professor said playing where the air is thick is all in your mind young man. >> the guy told me when these guys put oxygen on on the sideline, that is is absolutely placebo. that means nothing. your body takes in so much oxygen and that's it. so unlessyou're really at an altitude of climbing a mountain, it really is more in your head than anything else. >> there you go so that's why the ravens are flying out friday instead of tonight. . >> i hope he's right. . >> here we're all excited about the ravens playoff run. join usfriday for a one hour special. i'll be live with fans and jamie will be live in denver. itstarts here friday at 7:00. . >> don't miss this story coming up next, we have an incredible story you'll hear from a daughter who talks about her dad. . >>
not know, but yes, it's a big huge football weekend. ravens and the ray lewis congressmen ration road on the tour. they say yes and they plan to av the ugly hands of the broncos. >>> we will be talking about this sports cast, but not the one you think. sports is next. >>> all right this is an rg3 knee-free sports cast today. let's talk about the ravens and broncos for a minute. ray lewis 37 verses peyton manning, 36 years old. this game brought to you by aarp, surely i'm joking. but there's something not funny going on when you talk about denver and the ravens. broncos busted baltimore a month ago. that wasn't funny. probably a low point in the season. denver's 17-point win at the stadium. broncos with a 31-3 lead and took their foot off the gas. coach john harbaugh was playing for the second time. >> yes, he doesn't. i'm sure that it helps them too with a foundation to work with as we have a lot of games broken down up until that point, adding the games from there on out. >> even a short week. >> yeah, it's a help, it's a big plus. >> all righty then. back to ray lewis. his team's ne
weren'ttserious. 3 3& hile the ravens prepare to take on the broncos ttiss &pweekend, the rest of thee ravens crew is gettiig fanss puuple pride... radiatedd.. today../ ddring... att.. m&t bank in whitee marsh...//. fans... were jjined by... the ravens cheerleaders... and... the mascot... to help celebrate the teeas post season run. "iq: && bank stadium is one of the hardest places.. oq: there was also tons offfrre ravens gear... and raffle of ass.. soonnas... the game... against... thee over... on sunday... / ...set their sights... on the b. but at least oneeplayer on indianapolis won't let baltimore move on ttat esily. sports director bruce &pcunningham joins us with the harsh words the colts staa receiver had for the eert and soul of the ravens... bruce? ittwas one of hh signnture moments in a day illed with danced afterthe final play, faas were thrilled...the opponents: nnt so much...and pt least one oo them spoke out about it.. ray broke off his signature dance after the final snap. and veteran colts receiver peggie wayne took diirespectful...ray is on that - ac
. one last chance for the ravens and joe flacco heaves it towards jones. are you kidding me? 70-yard touchdown. we head to overtime tied at 35. peyton manning threw for three tds but three turnovers as well, picked off by graham for the second time in the game. sets up baltimore in denver territory. in double-overtime, dustin tucker lines up for field goal. the 38-35 double-overtime victory for the ravens. >> this sports report brought by river rock casino. more coming up later in the newscast. >> ama: lance armstrong comes clean? hmm, his plan to open up and who he is going to talk to. >> coughing, sneezing, a nation overwhelmed overwhelmed. >> plows, she became america's tower >> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz. in tonight's headlines. you think it's cold now, wait until tomorrow. sunday is predicted to be even chillier in the bay area. get out the blankets, mitt 's, leg warmers, anything to get through the deep freeze. >> thousands of people attended a gun show in san francisco. many said they're buying guns and ammunition because they fear president obama will place restrictions
. >>> destination denver just two days away. the ravens looking to exact some revenge on peyton manning as they continue their push towards super bowl xlvii. we'll give you a preview of that game coming up on this thursday, january 10th. "good morning maryland." i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. before you head out the door you probably want to know how the dress the kids and here's meteorologist lynette charles to let you know. >> yeah they actually do because we have a windchill out there. i don't want the temperatures to fool you this morning. 43 degrees in hanover. yes this is well above average. of 24. but we have the winds out of the northwest at about 4 miles an hour and it is making it feel more like in the 30s this morning across many spots. 42 degrees in mount airy. and that dew point's nice and dry. coming in in the 20s. 39 degrees right now in glenelg. now this is what we can expect as we go through the day. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. we had a few sprinkles come in here yesterday from that cold front that passed. b
into the 2013 session and lawmakers are already talking about raising the taxes on your gas. >>> and the ravens are getting ready but it takes more than drills and some game film. we're going to tell you what else they're doing to prepare for their trip out west. those stories straight ahead on this thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle alongside charlie crowson. we got the whole team up here. lynette is going to get you out the door with the weather and lauren will keep you safe on the roads. >> a lot going on this morning. 83 is shut down. old frederick road also closed near mount hebron high school. >> weather-wise this morning got to look at that forecast. i believe an elephant in the room but here locally it couldn't be better. >> it could be better because into saturday -- >> 80? you want your -- we know what you want. but it's great for january 10. >> exactly charlie you said it very nicely there. let's talk about the temperatures this morning. as we are above average still. that is the theme. right now. we should be at 24 with that dew point is showing and we hav
, friday. >> nfl playoff time. ravens and colts, dubbed the inspiration bowl. indianapolis coach chuck pag ban know undergoing leukemia treatment for baltimore, the final home game for ray lewis, calling the playoffs his last ride. [cheering] >> lewis, 13 tackles in his final home game, pagano, pregame hug for john harbaugh. baltimore's defense throwing the kitchen sink at andrew luck in his playoff debut. ravens leading third quarter, a nice block. 17-6. fourth quarter. flacco, man coverage on anquan bolden. bolden gets it. just over 5:00 left. the deflection. williams intercepts it. luck saves the touchdown. but that seals it. 24-9 baltimore. ravens advance to play denver next saturday. here's ray. >> today was about me giving everything i got. showing people, whatever circumstances you may be going through, just push through it and you can push through it, you'll encourage somebody. >> how can you not like ray lewis. >> rg iii hosting seattle. griffin, hobbling on the right knee. here's that 14-0. then seattle locked it up. fourth quarter, trailing by one. marchand lynch, beast mode. ru
mentioned. >>> n.f.l. playoffs, ravens and colts, inspiration bowl, indianapolis coach missed 12 weeks of the season undergoing leukemia treatments. he called these playoffs his last drive. ♪ ♪ >> ray lewis, 13 tackles in final home game. a final hug and baltimore all over andrew luck. ravens leading and joe flaco to dennis and 17-6 baltimore. flaco got man coverage, 24-9. just over five minutes left. fourth and 1, luck, ball is tipped by graham, williams the pick but that seals it. ravens advance to play denver next saturday. >> it was about giving me everything i got. under these circumstances you may be going to just push through it. if you can push through it. >> and redskins, something had to give. griffin hobbling on that knee. 14-0 washington then seattle. marshawn lynch, 27 yards, 131 on the game. 2-point conversion made it 21-14. and his complete catches the turf. he would have to lead the game and kurt cousens and ron johnson lights him up on 0. biggest come back. battle of the birds, hawks and falcons in atlanta. they asked if made the decision would he have finished the
to san jose and start this ride. >>> speaking of ride, let's get to football, colts and ravens. andrew luck's first play-off game. possibly ray lewis's last game as a raven. and a football player, 10-6 ravens. joe flacco rolls right. finds dennis pitta. ravens up. flacco lobs one to anquan boldin. go for it, be big fellow. wrestles it out and makes the catch. it was all over. i'm going to get my groove on for the fans another time before he gets out of there. if you don't recall, he will retire at the end of the season. 24-9 is your final. >>> nfc wild card redskins hosting the seahawks. fourth quarter, 14-13, redskins at that point. oakland's own marshawn lynch went beast mode on everyone. takes the handoff and goes 27 yards with a td. lynch 132 yards rushing. but after the game, a little something extra. former stanford cardinal richard sherman gets in the face. but sherman and the seahawks get the last laugh, 24-14. >>> all right. first round of the play-offs is history. four teams are headed home, and four have advanced to the second round. aaron rodgers and the packers will have t
from the ravens coach john harbaugh. the baltimore defense getting after andrew luck in his playoff debut. it is fumble one of his two turnovers. ravens leading it flacco to pitta and 20 yards to make it 17-6. flacco and manned coverage here on bolden. that's a mismatch. 24-9 ravens. just over five minutes left and fourth and one. luck picked by williams off the deflection. he would save the touchdown, but that pretty much sealed the game 24-9 baltimore and the ravens advance to play denver next saturday. inspire me, ray. >> today was about me giving everything i got. showing people it don't matter the circumstances you may be going through, just push through it. if you can push through it, you will encourage somebody. >> rj3 and the redskins winners of seven straight, seattle five straight wins and something had to give. griffin hobbling on that right knee. he was effective early. washington lead it 14-0. and then seattle took over. fourth quarter and trailing by one and lynch, beast mode. in from 27 yards and finished with 131 on the ground. two-point conversion. botched snap and
tackles in his final home game. pagano a pre game hug from the ravens coach john harbaugh. the baltimore defense getting after andrew luck in his playoff debut. it is fumble one of his two turnovers. ravens leading it flacco to pitta and 20 yards to make it 17-6. flacco and manned coverage here on bolden. that's a mismatch. 24-9 ravens. just over five minutes left and fourth and one. luck picked by williams off the deflection. he would save the touchdown, but that pretty much sealed the game 24-9 baltimore and the ravens advance to play denver next saturday. inspire me, ray. >> today was about me giving everything i got. showing people it don't matter the circumstances you may be going through, just push through it. if you can push through it, you will encourage somebody. >> rj3 and the redskins winners of seven straight, seattle five straight wins and something had to give. griffin hobbling on that right knee. he was effective early. washington lead it 14-0. and then seattle took over. fourth quarter and trailing by one and lynch, beast mode. in from 27 yards and finished with 131 on th
. andrew luck was sacked three times. kruger had 2-1/2 of those sacks. ravens making it a two possession game. then the fourth quarter after the colts had cut the deficit to 17-9. flacco fires to the end zone where bolden outmuscles the defender. that's an 18-yard play. had his pass tipped. and luck makes a touchdown saving tackle but the colts incredible turn around season is all but over. another story this year is the successful battle against cancer by colt's head coach chuck pagano. it'll be the ravens moving on next week for the date with the ravens. >> ravens made plays when they needed to we didn't. i think field goals in the red zone killed us and bad balls by me killed us. but hats off to the ravens for beating up. you know they definitely deserve it. and you know i wish we could have done better but we'll move on. >>> if you are one of those that feel there's something missing this winter because you're not getting your daily doze of hockey, you're about to get some relief. team and player representatives met for 16 intense hours last night and have hammered out an agreement
their drivers as fans of the baltimore ravens. >> where's your heart? >> oh, ravens. i started off as a baltimore colt fan. i never switched over to the skins. >> you're sticking with baltimore? >> oh, i stick with baltimore. when the ravens came. >> now, if it's baltimore versus washington in the super bowl? >> ravens all the way. >> reporter: but if you ask don shin, who runs pie's deli in laurel, this community in the middle is definitely redskins territory. >> yeah, i thought that my customer, redskins t-shirts, red skin hats, even glove, everything redskins. >> reporter: some locals say a slight shift in geography makes a big difference. >> the further you go up, like jessup and elk ridge. right here is redskins fans. >> reporter: because baltimore's nfl team has been a serious contender in recent years, some laurel residents are beginning to pull for the team from the south. >> actually i would like to see the redskins win. >> redskins? >> yes. >> even though you lived in baltimore. >> i would like to see them win because it's been so long. >> reporter: cody is the only raven
for abc2 news. >>> all right. the ravens were hard at work preparing to face denver. when you think of the broncos, you think about stopping peyton manning. >> they are a challenge. we have to get ourselves in position to execute and spread the ball around. we can't become one dimensional. they have great pass rushers. they lead the league in sacks. we have to be good in every single area. >> one of those areas is skiing ray lewis going. a win over the broncos and they will advance to the afc championship. >>> the game in denver kicks off at 4:30 and ray lewis' reach, he is knee p-even inspiring the spca. they will be offering discounted adoptions in honor of rai. the price for all large dogs will be reduced from $125 to $52 and the shelter will be decked out in purr pel. >> that's cool. >>> all right. we will be with you on purple friday as everybody gears up. join us for a one-hour ravens special, destination denver. ill be bringing you -- i'll be bringing you live reports from denver. it all starts on abc2 news at 7:00. >>> after the shooting at sandy hook elementary, people bega
-14 and they will face the dolphins next week. and the afc, baltimore ravens taking care of business and the indianapolis colts, ravens receiver bolden had a big game. 145 yards receiving and a touchdown. colts rookie quarterback andrew luck struggled. zero touchdowns and one interception and ravens win that one 24-9 and travel to denver to play the broncos next weekend. final home game for a man some called the greatest man in ravens history. ray lewis. and he's retiring at the e of the season, his team gave him the game ball after the final play. and good news, hockey fans, after a marathon negotiations it looks likes there will be hockey this year. national hockey league and the nhl players union reached a tentative deal early this morning to end out lockout that threatened the entire season. anna kooiman with the details. >> a long time coming. >> you better believe it. they finally reached an agreement over how to split the record 3.3 billion dollars made last season. and the schedule should resume later this month with just under half the season left. the new 10-year deal was reached early this mor
the colts-ravens match-up. >> sportswrap is next. ♪ [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year. . >>> good evening everyone and welcome to this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. two more wild-card playoff games and further indication that the seattle seahawks team, the 49ers ran into at christmas time will be a force in this postseason. the seahawks in washington where robert griffin iii was trying to gut it out with a heavy brace on his injured knee. and early on, the redskins made it looks like this game would be a breeze. griffin threw a short touchdown pass to royster and then to paulson for a touchdown. the seahawks looking at a 14-0 deficit before the 2nd quarter started. griffin went to the sidelinings to his knee monitored by renowned orthopedists. and russell wilson hit robinson with a swing pass for 6. it was 14-10. late in the first half, the redskins trying to get s
the redskins, they may be out of the playoffs, but the ravens are hoping for their push on the super bowl is just getting started. >> this weekend they're on the road for a very tough matchup against the broncos. dave statter is here with a pre- - dave owens is here with a preview. >> let's go back to the weather for just a second. the forecast in denver calls for 19 chilly degrees and a chance of snow on saturday. a month ago the ravens were avalanched by the broncos in their own backyard. diane roberts on how baltimore is trying to avoid the big chill once again. >> reporter: this week's preparations at the reigns practice -- raven's practice facility is getting them ready for the game against the broncos. >> a double move on the far side, placing the sector for the touchdown. >> reporter: that was lead by joe flacco a month ago. and the team, they will not soon forget. >> trying to catch out there as they won't get there. >> they are still fresh in our minds just a little bit. they're a good football team and we're a good football team. >> reporter: but that was a regular season. this
, but the game was an absolute barn burner. it is the ravens and broncos in an afc divisional playoff matchup. straight to the second half. holiday takes the opening kickoff back all the way 104 yards and back from his own end zone. holiday's second return of the game. we had to speed it up to show you the whole thing. broncos lead by seven. ravens down seven. joe flacco deep to jones, this one for 70 yards. jones has got it. they get in the end zone and the game is tied at 35-35. we needed overtime. in fact, we needed double overtime when justin tucker hit this 47-yard field goal. the ravens win, 38-35. ray lewis gets to play another day. >>> meanwhile, a little closer to home, the 49ers and packers are playing right now. it's the second quarter, 14-14 for san francisco. touchdowns by colin kaepernick and michael crabtree. we'll have updates for you as this newscast progresses. also later on tonight at 11:00. >>> also later tonight when the 49ers game is over, there's only one place you can get full insight, analysis and interviews straight from candlestick park. it's "post-game live" over o
and is intercepted by corey graham at the denver 45 with:51 secs left in first overtime 7 a few plays later ravens kicker justin tucker - boots it through from 47 yards out to win the game!!! 8 battered manningemotional ray lewis ravens upset broncos - snap >> i probably looked back at it and keep it a recap. after all of the emotions one of the best moment for the ravens. >> and your thought on the victory? >> i was pleased for ray lewis. >> it is nice when you have partied with three lewis. >> there is a whole list. >> what a day. the baltimore head coach is the older brother. and jim harbaugh. >> they are competitive with each other and understand. >> what a great day for football. >> and kaepernick. >> this is when you can sit on your rear end. >> are you a gambler? >> how much do you win tonight brian? >> 40 or 50. >> 505? a lot >> and brian? take it away. [laughter] >> let me tell you about the weather is cold! and look at city hall it is lit up for the 49ers. temperatures in the mid '40's. low 40's in pleasanton, walnut creek. and for tomorrow look for a very cold start with temperatures be
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